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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Cuppies for Wawa....

Iera... a friend yang DayBab kenal masa gi kelas felt, message DayBab tuk order cupcakes for her daughter. Demam raya tak habis lagi. Kindergarten pon buat sambutan hari raya...

She ordered 50 pieces of chocolate cupcakes, covered with chocolate ganache and decorated with edible image.
Specifically asked for princesses  pictures and Ben10. Tapi, sebab Ben10 tak de stok... DayBab gantikan dengan Toys Story.

Toys Story Cuppies -
Wawa siap simpan Jessie kat rumah.

Testimony yang DayBab dapat.... :

wawa love it very much dear!! excited btol dia nak bwk gi school today! thanks Maria!! :)

Disney Princesses Cuppies...

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