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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Cheese Layered Cream Crackers

Resipi nie... DayBab jumpa masa tengok kat FB Mamazieza... tengok pada gambar, sungguh tempting... apa lagi, bila dah ada cream cheese... DayBab pon cuba. Hasil nye memang best!!!

Nie recipe yang DayBab cut and paste dari FB Mama... 

Resipi Asal Sumbangan - Allahyarham Susan Jafri 
(Marilah kita sedekahkan Al-Fatihah utk beliau, arwah abang Joe Masri dan anak mereka.. al Fatihah)


250 gm of cream cheese 
65 gm of butter 
1/2 cup of sugar 

(Like Susan, mama like a bit of strawberry jam too... tapi, DayBab pakai mixed fruit jam...) 

Cream Crackers biscuits 
Fresh Milk 

Blend the cream cheese, butter and sugar until thoroughly mixed and fluffy. 

Prepare a container which we can arrange the biscuits, if you want, you can lined the contained with aluminium foil. I have been looking for a pan or container which can fit the size of the biscuits wihtout having to break it... 

First, dip the biscuit into the Fresh Milk, not too soggy please, just dip it until fully immersed and arranged it on the pan. Then spread a layer of the cheese mixed, followed by another layer of biscuits. Cheese again, and this time my biscuits, mama spread some strawberry jam before dipping it into the milk. Do the same thing until you finish the cheesed mixture. Put it in the fridged. Nice eaten when it is cold.

Selamat mencuba!!!

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