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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bread Workshop @ Amore - 231010

Yesterday, Abg Gendy, Arfan and myself attended Bread Workshop @ Amore e-Bake. The workshop started at 9:30am and ended at around 1:30pm. The class was conducted by Sifu Adriana.

It was a hands-on workshop where all of us are required to make our own buns. I guess, it is very good coz we can learn and experience it on the spot. We were taught to make 4 types of sweet buns.... red bean bun, sausage bun, chicken floss bun and also multi-grain bun.

Am very thankful and grateful coz Kak Adriana allow me to bring my lil precious along... We went back will 2 containers full of freshly baked buns... i mean supper soft and yummmyyyy buns!!!

Insya-Allah, i shall make delicious and soft buns in the future for the whole family.... and more.

Yummmyyyy buns...

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Lily Riani said...

bila uni leh gi food testing